How to take care of our common home

Leonardo Boff

Castelvecchi Editore


The Book

The relationship between human beings and the Earth has exceeded a systemic limit: natural resources are not infinite, and we cannot suppose progress is infinite. Humanity must now face a global question of ethical rather than scientific values. For this reason, the development of Earth ethics is now urgent so that we can reinstate the vitality stripped from our common Mother by our behaviour. However, such ethics will not be possible without profound spirituality that revives in us a serious commitment of love, responsibility and care for our common home.
In this volume Leonardo Boff develops an “eco-theology of liberation” based on a new rapport between humanity and nature that encapsulates respect and no longer dominion.


The Author

Leonardo Boff, born at Concórdia in 1938, is a Brazilian philosopher and theologist. Formerly a Franciscan brother, he is an activist for human rights and member of the committe that drew up the Earth Charter.
He often entered into conflict with the ecclesiastical heirarchy during his battles for the forgotten on this earth, being one of the most important exponents of liberation theology. His books have been translated throughout the world.



Global warming, planetary pollution, economic exploitation… Nowadays, as never before, our planet is on the brink of disappearing, due to a model of economics and development no longer sustainable for environmental equilibrium. Leonardo Boff’s book offers theological reflection in an attempt to indicate a new rapport between humanity and nature, where respect and no longer dominion is the core element. An important appeal for a serious commitment to love, responsibility and care for the Earth, our common home.