RENATO BAZZONI – Honoris Causa 1990

Architect and Founder of the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano, the Italian equivalent of the National Trust Born in Milan in 1922, Renato Bazzoni graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic and for twenty years served the same university as assistant professor of Architectural Composition.  Although during the boom years of the 50s he designed and […]

GIANNI BERENGO GARDIN – Honoris Causa 1989

Photographer   Gianni Berengo Gardin was born at Santa Margherita Ligure in 1930, but grew up and studied in his home town of Venice.  He worked in the tourist trade in Rome, Switzerland, Paris and Venice, and finally settled in Milan in 1965. His interest in photography dates back to 1954; he became a member […]


Historical Linguist Giovan Battista Pellegrini was born at Cencenighe (Belluno) in 1921 and graduated in Italian Literature from Padua University in 1945, the following year specialising in Historial Linguistics. From 1946 to 1963 he taught in the Universities of Pisa, Palermo and Trieste. In 1964 he returned to Padua University as full professor of historical […]

SANDRO RUFFO – Honoris Causa 1992

Naturalist and Museologist «Respect for Natura stems from knowledge and love.  My ‘scale’ of values regarding animals and Nature is this: knowledge, love and respect.  I am, if you will grant me the expression, ‘a religious naturalist’»   Sandro Ruffo was born at Soave (Verona) in 1915.  Since his childhood he was fascinated by the […]

FOSCO MARAINI – Honoris Causa 1998

Ethnologist, Orientalist and Alpinist   Born in Florence in 1912 to an Italian father and English mother, Fosco Maraini graduated in Natural Sciences in 1937, specialising in Anthropology; immediately after, he left for Tibet with the famous Orientalist Giuseppe Tucci, who he considered his mentor. In 1938 he was granted a scholarship to go to […]


Environmentalist Association The Worldwatch Institute, founded in 1974 by Lester Brown and financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is a private not-for-profit organisation dedicated to research into global environmental issues.  In 1984, ten years from its foundation, Brown published the famous reports on the state of the world, annual analyses that became the ‘bible’ of […]

KUKI GALLMANN – Honoris Causa 2017

Writer and Environmentalist Kuki Gallmann was born at Treviso in 1943: she is the daughter of Cino Boccazzi, writer, doctor, explorer and archeologist from Treviso. After a short marriage in her youth, in 1970 she went to Kenya with her second husband, Paolo Gallmann, a Swiss agrarian with whom she shared a passion for Africa. […]

WALTER BONATTI – Honoris Causa 2001

Climber and Writer   Walter Bonatti was born at Bergamo in 1930. In his youth he practiced extreme alpinism, starting his first ascents in the Lombardy Prealps. At just 19 years old he decided to climb the most difficult routes in the world; from then on his life was a chain of the most difficult […]

MARIO RIGONI STERN – Honoris Causa 2002

Soldier and Writer Mario Rigoni Stern was born at Asiago in 1921 to a family of ancient origins, well-known traders between the mountains and plain; his father was discharged from the infantry as a subaltern, and his mother was of Risorgimento education and spirit. Although the economic crisis of the 1930s heavily affected the writer’s […]


Although unusual, in 2004 the Association decided to assign its Honoris Causa for the XXII edition of the Gambrinus “Giuseppe Mazzotti” Literary Prize to a group formed into a committee and not to an individual, institution or authority. The entire community – two thousand souls – of Fanzolo, a hamlet under the municipality of Vedelago, […]