Special Jury’s Prize 2020

  I PAESAGGI DELLE ALPI A journey in the high lands through philosophy, nature and history Annibale Salsa Donzelli Editore 2019   The Book Through Salsa’s lens the alpine landscape goes from being seen to being experienced, making it a vital space. The landscapes in the Alps are the result of continuous interaction over time […]

Special Jury’s Prize 2020

  UN’ETICA DELLA TERRA MADRE How to take care of our common home Leonardo Boff Castelvecchi Editore 2019   The Book The relationship between human beings and the Earth has exceeded a systemic limit: natural resources are not infinite, and we cannot suppose progress is infinite. Humanity must now face a global question of ethical […]

Ecology and Landscape – 2020 Edition

  FLOWER POWER Plants and their Rights Alessandra Viola Giulio Einaudi Editore 2020   The Book Do plants have rights? If so, which ones, and what does acknowledging them involve? Attributing rights to subjects that do not have them has always been an extravagant idea, and yet we must not forget that black people, women […]

Mountaineering: Climbing, History, Biographies and Guide Books – 2020 Edition

  NEL CASTELLO DELLE STORIE. Mountains, glaciers, forests, from now to 1778 Marco Albino Ferrari Ulrico Hoepli Editore 2019     The Book High above the valley, clinging to the rocks overlooking Sondrio, stands an ancient manor with walls an armslength thick. This is Castel Masegra, now the HQ of the Cast museum, the ‘Castle […]

Traditional Arts and Crafts – 2020 Edition

  TIPOTECA An Italian Story Silvio Antiga (editor) Antiga Edizioni 2019   The Book In his preface to this work, Lucio Passerini states: “A good book is a milestone, a point of reference in space and time. And those who print books every day and know the trade well, are conscious that a book is […]